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Rebecca is gleefully sharing the news of her engagement with her co-workers when Nathaniel arrives to the office. He gives her his condolences on being stuck with one person for the rest of her life - according to Nathaniel, that's just boring. Rebecca declares that she never liked the chase anyway.

Paula is feeling down because she misses her husband. She asks Rebecca is Josh gives her goose bumps, reminiscing about the way she felt during her own engagement. Rebecca realizes that Josh doesn't give her that tingly feeling anymore, despite her attempts to have them.

The Santa Ana winds are rolling through West Covina, and everyone is acting a little off. Rebecca and Nathaniel even have the same sex dream about each other.

When the winds knock out the power in the elevator at the firm, Rebecca and Nathaniel find themselves awkwardly stuck. He proposes that they have sex, just to get it out of their systems. Rebecca refuses, but she and Nathaniel do bond platonically all night, as they rib each other about Harry Potter houses.

When the power returns, Rebecca is happy to get out of close quarters with Nathaniel - but kisses him anyway.

Darryl arranges a dinner for Scott and Paula, because he doesn't want to see his best friend hurting anymore. Despite Paula's anger, she realizes that Darryl is a much better friend than she's ever given him credit for.

Rebecca's shame over her kiss with Nathaniel causes her to move her wedding date up - to two weeks from now.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

We have the Santa Ana winds...they're the worst. They give me bad allergies, and people act weird during them too. They call them 'The Devil Winds.'


Paula: So everytime Josh touches you it's like total goosebumps, right?
Rebecca: Uh, yeah. Yeah. Oh my god, he like, kisses my neck it's totally goose bump city. My skin looks like a cold raw chicken.