Rebecca on the Radio - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8
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After Scott confesses to Paula that he's had an affair, Paula kicks him out of their home. 

Unsure about the future of her marriage and law school, Paula struggles with day to day life - that's when Rebecca steps in for the rescue. 

Rebecca decides to give in first and apologize to Paula and insists that she'll do everything in her power to help her best friend during this stressful time in her life - including spending the weekend with her young son so that Paula can go on a class trip for school.

Rebecca realizes that being a mother isn't as easy as it looks.

Josh gets a cold, and Rebecca sends him soup to speed his recovery along, however because the soup spilled, the name on the tag is smudged. Josh assumes that his girlfriend, Anna, is his Soup Fairy.

When Josh tries his hand at modeling, Anna realizes that she and Josh are not as compatible as she once thought, and ends things with Josh.

Josh discovers that Rebecca was his soup fairy all along, and races to tell Rebecca that he still loves her. 

Rebecca decides to stay with Paula rather than get back together with Josh, showing her growth as a person, and her devotion to her friend.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Home? What home? You don't live here anymore.


I'm sorry. Okay? I'll say it first because I should. I was more wrong. I was the more wronger one...look, you said to me at my house that I didn't support you. You were right. Every time we talk I'm really just thinking about myself. I'm thinking about the next piece of advice to ask you for, and I never think about you, so let me think about you now, okay? I love you, and I'm here to help.