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Rebecca and Josh are ready to make their relationship status official - on any and all forms of social media that exist.

Heather points out that this is a bad sign - Rebecca and Josh might be a little bit insecure about their romance.

Nathaniel echos that sentiment when he points out that only a super secure person continually refers to their partner as, "the man of my dreams."

Valencia is also concerned that Rebecca is using Josh as a magic blankie to cover her problems, rather than facing them.

Rebecca and Josh head to Scarsdale for her cousin's bar mitzvah, where he bonds with her family and friends. 

But Rebecca's Rabbi Sherry (guest star Patty LuPone) helps Rebecca see that she's not happy, despite having the "perfect" boyfriend.

Rebecca goes to see Dr. Akopian to talk through her new self-realization, but a surprise visitor to her session leaves her in worse shape than she started in.

Elsewhere, Nathaniel has the entire office keeping secrets from Darryl, as they work to land a huge client from Nathaniel's father. When Papa Plimpton fails to pay up the client, Nathaniel is crushed - and he and Darryl bond over their mutual daddy issues. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Naomi: Streisand and Hitler.
Congregation: Remember that we suffered!
Rabbi Shari: Spielberg and Hitler.
Congregation: Remember that we suffered!
Naomi and Rabbi Shari: Have we mentioned Hitler? I'm just saying that we suffered!

Naomi: Hey! Don't yell at me in front of the Oriental! They're a very peaceful people.
Rebecca: Oh my god, you are so offensive.