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Rebecca tries to ''fix herself'' by doing the exercises assigned to her but she goes a little overboard and gets told by the doctor to not look to get an A+ in healing. This leads Rebecca to tag along with Paula to look after Paula's dad who had a bad fall. Before Paula leaves she gets told by Scott that she is out of the loop in the family because she always has an obsession and her family is never on her radar. 

While back home Paula discovers her Josh Chan aka Jeff, her past boyfriend who she never got over because she never got closure. They grow closer but it isn't until Jeff says he regrets breaking up with her that Paula is brought back to reality and stops things with him.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is hanging out with Paula's father and they just kick back and have fun which lets Rebecca unwind and even sext with Nathaniel who continues to show serious interest in her. 

Josh is back in West Covina struggling with no job or prospects, so he takes on Greg's old job at the bar and sees himself more cool than he actually is. This all ends with a pimple and Josh realizing that his life isn't what he hoped it would be.

White Josh and Darryl are stuck trying to figure out how to move forward in their relationship and end up breaking it off for good.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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