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Rebecca returns home and is struggling to adjust but lets her mom control what happens next. Naomi resigns for her and wants her to get her old job back at the firm. But she accidentally sees Rebecca is looking up ways to kill herself on her computer. From then on Naomi shifts when it comes to Rebecca, offering her milkshakes and being a nice mother who doesn't judge. 

Rebecca is feeling better until she discovers anti anxiety pills in her mother's stuff, which matches something at the bottom of her milkshakes. She confronts her mother for drugging her, who says she just wanted to keep her feeling stable until she could check her in somewhere. Rebecca isn't for it so she leaves a note and gets on a plane back to LA.

On the flight Rebecca realizes she can't go back, thinking she isn't wanted by anyone there or in New York. At first she takes one anti anxiety pill that she still has, but then she begins to take them all. She begins to fall asleep, waking up for a second to press the help button above her and showing the flight attendent the empty bottle. 

Meanwhile, Nathaniel replaces Rebecca almost right away and this new person is perfect but she isn't Rebecca, which brings out the outrageous sides of Nathaniel, Daryl, and Maya that Rebecca manages to jump into and that this new woman can't join. Eventually they face it with the help of Paula who takes the day off to try to move on from Rebecca by spending it with her family. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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