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Rebecca decides to spread rumors about Josh before he can tell everyone what she told him about why she moved to West Covina and what she did to get them together. 

She gets an article written about him, one that describes him as homophobic and racist. His friends fall for it, not believing him when he mentions everything he learned from Rebecca. He decides to dig up the old folder he got from Trent and takes it to Father Brah. They read through it and call Paula, revealing to her that Robert was an old professor who she had an affair with and then he had to get a restraining order.

Paula and the others realize that they barely know Rebecca, and she figures out that they know everything and runs home to pack and leave. Nathaniel, who spent all day being told by George that he should confess his feelings, shows up and offers to take her to Rome. As they are about to leave, everyone shows up to talk to Rebecca about what is going on. 

Heather realizes that she is about to graduate and starts thinking of ways to avoid that. Her only option is to fail marine biology but she is doing so well that she would have to kill her starfish to get away with that. She can't do it and decides that she will have to graduate instead. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Young Rebecca: We are ruining him. It is great
Rebecca: Yeah, I guess we won.

My spidey sense told me I might need it.