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Rebecca is finally ready for out patient therapy and it is there that she reveals that Nathaniel and her are still sleeping together. They keep saying it is the last time but that never seems to be true.

There is an eight month time jump, kickstarting Heather's pregnancy and discomfort as well as Valencia getting a girlfriend and Paula getting more to do in the office which means the return of a familiar face. 

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Nathaniel are still hooking up while he cheats on his girlfriend. Rebecca finally tries to put a pause on things and says she is fine with seeing Nathaniel and his gf at Darryl's baby shower.

She is wrong though because she gets upset when she sees them holding hands and Paula is shocked to learn how much some people at work dislike her now. She didn't realize she is no the office bitch and she talks things through with Rebecca enough to apologize.

Then Paula makes it clear to Rebecca that she can't be a cheater, she can't be a Tanya. Rebecca officially ends things with Nathaniel and they are both upset by it. Nathaniel makes it clear to Rebecca that he is ready to commit to her.

She talks it through in therapy and admits that she is scared. She wants to live and thinks if she is with someone and things go wrong then that means she might end up in that dark place again. She is convinced that she is doing better and to face her fears but when she goes to Nathaniel's house she doesn't end up going inside because she gives into the fear. 

Meanwhile, Heather doesn't seem to undertsnad that she is pregnant and this is a decision that she can't quit on. It takes the help of Hector for her to realize that she is taking care of a person and she can't just drop this. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Paula:Where have you been?
Rebecca: Nothing. Nowhere. The janitor is creepy.

It's your brand. You have that mug that says office bitch.