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Rebecca has a bad dream about Trent and continues to think she is seeing him. She thinks she is going crazy because Paula is checking in on him and he looks to be in Iowa. Rebecca talks it over with people from her group, she keeps thinking about all the bad things she has done to people since she got there and seems to always get away with.

She decides to meet with Paula, Josh, and Nathaniel and tell them everything that she did that they might not even know that she did. She is hoping that that will make the image of Trent go away because she won't feel guilty. 

No one reacts well, with Josh punching Nathaniel and Paula getting very upset with Rebecca. Trent then appears in the elevator and says he has unfinished business. He wants to make Rebecca feel as bad as she made him feel. 

Rebecca tries to call Paula to track Trent but she isn't responding. 

Heather goes into labor and her and Darryl talk through how he misses White Josh. Heather texts White Josh who visits Darryl to meet his daughter and they talk about how they miss being friends. 

Nathaniel is at his party with Mona when Trent sends Rebecca pictures of him, saying he plans to kill him. Rebecca runs to save Nathaniel and sees Trent about to harm Nathaniel. Rebecca pushes Trent off the roof to save Nathaniel and hurts him. No one believes Rebecca when she says Trent was going to kill Nathaniel and she get arrested.

Trent does survive even though he broke every bone in his bone, so Rebecca is going to get charged with attempted second degree murder. They can't find the Instagram stories and so Rebecca has no proof of the danger that Nathaniel is in. He believes her though, tells her he loves her and wants to be with her and advises her to plead not guilty because she is mentally unstable. 

Rebecca thinks about it but looking at Paula makes her realize that she can't keep getting away with everything so she pleads guilty. 


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Dr Pratt: Heather, any concerns?
Heather: Oh yeah. Birth.

This is my girlfriend Beth. We are in a love bubble so we always want to be together.