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Rebecca gets told that her plea isn't accepted but she wants to be taken to jail to serve her time and make up for what she did. She gets a small sentence and spends the whole time saying she deserves it.

She gets involved in the prison theater group and tries to change it to make it more what she likes and through that learns that everyone in prison doesn't want to be there. Rebecca chose this but no one else did, and that makes her switch gears into using privilege as a reason for why she deserves to stay in prison.

Meanwhile, Paula tries her best to get Rebecca out and accomplishes that when she convinces Trent to confess instead. 

Rebecca gets released but isn't happy, she doesn't think she deserves it. After a fight with Nathaniel and a talk with her friends. Rebecca decides to go offer free legal advice to the women in prison. This way she can truly help and not just say she is when it isn't actually helping.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel decides to deal with everything by going on a retreat that turns into a survival mess. George appears and wants to offer him food and shelter which he doesn't want. He then realizes that he was wrong and rushes to see Rebecca when she is free. They get into a fight when Nathaniel wants them to go somewhere to relax and Rebecca says she needs time to figure out what to do to be better.

Nathaniel considers her selfish and thinks she is the reason they can't ever seem to work.

Josh decides he has to have a disorder like Rebecca and self-diagnosis a few until Heather brings to his attention how wrong that is. He finally chooses to go to therapy where he is told that he has nothing that he decided he did, but that going to therapy is still help he needs. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Paula: If you don't wake up now and confess to everything, I am going to call Princeton and tell them to take back your degree.
Trent: Actually, I went to school in Boston.

Look, Josh, I really respect your search for self but these are actual disorders people suffer from and you're treating it like you're just identity shopping.