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Rebecca goes back home to visit her mom, planning to tell her the truth about everything that happened the last year. Naomi reveals that she knew all of it, except that Rebecca isn't a lawyer anymore. She wants Rebecca to lie, which she does. It turns out that Naomi is always lying too.

When she tries to get Rebecca her old job in NY back though, Rebecca stands up to her and says she is done with being the old Rebecca that is forced to do things that make her unhappy. 

Josh moves into Rebecca's house while she is out of town, and with Darryl's help learns how to take care of himself better. Rebecca offers for him to live there as her roommate, which he agrees to. That night though Rebecca has a moment where she remembers all her good memories with Josh and is confused about what that may mean.

Paula takes over for Rebecca at the prison, but when a case gets complicated Nathaniel notices that she isn't at work. He is trying to be nicer to everyone in the office, and when he finds Paula he offers to represent one of the inmates. He tells Paula that it started off not as innocent but now helping others makes him feel good.

He wants to help even more because he sees how unfair things are for people in prison, with Paula working alongside him. Paula fills Rebecca in on how Nathaniel is changing into a good person and Rebecca starts to reflect back on their relationship as well. She tells Paula that they now have a problem. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

We have seasons in LA. T-shirt, sweatshirt, puffer and tank top.


That’s Jason, I’ve been on a date with him. He had these greasy smelly balls.