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Tucker, Rebecca's half-brother, visits her and at first, it seems like he genuinely connected with a letter that she sent recently. It is made obvious very quickly though that he is there for selfish reasons, using the diary that he found of hers to manipulate Rebecca. He gets her to take him to an audition but when he doesn't get it, he uses Nathaniel. 

Nathaniel wants to get Rebecca back because he loves her and will do anything. Tucker tells him he will give him the diary if he gets him the part. That works until Nathaniel quotes something from a movie that he couldn't have watched and Rebecca catches on. She says they can't work because when they are around each other they do bad things.

Tucker comes clean and Rebecca convinces their dad to let Tucker go to theater camp (which she will pay for) and convinces his mom to get him into therapy. She notices that those two things they share in common and she wants him to get help when she didn't as a child.

Meanwhile, Paula and her sons go to an escape room where she learns that she doesn't know as much about them as she thought. She sees that they have grown and are no longer boys, and they grow closer again from that experience together.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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