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The episode opened with man walking through a mall and following another man into the bathroom where he shot him in the face. Cooper and his red cell team are brought to Dallas to stop a killing spree.

As the team began to try to put together a profile on the unsub they realized that the facts and the actions were not consistent with one person. They found the man who shot the old man in the mall and he confessed that his son had been kidnapped and he had been told if he didn’t kill someone they would kill his son.

Using this information Cooper and his team tracked down another man whose wife had been kidnapped that day and found him in the farmers market with a gun. The man turned the gun on himself to complete the bargain of a life for a life. Cooper and Beth interviewed the wife who had been kidnapped and using her description Garcia was able to track down the man who kidnapped her.

The man Richard Stahl had been a prison guard. Prophet and Griffith went to the prison to interview Stahl’s partner Timothy Rawlins while Cooper and Lasalle went to see Stahl’s aunt. Cooper found that Stahl had trouble after his parents were killed, while Prophet made Rawlins setup a buy with the man he had pointed Stahl to for the guns that were being used.

At the buy the dealer was shot, Prophet was knocked out and Beth was kidnapped. Cooper got a package delivered and a call from Stahl saying he had 15 minutes to kill someone. LaSalle and Mick went to raid the house they thought Stahl had been in while Cooper went where he was told to go.

Beth found that she was being held prisoner by Rawlins who confessed to having been a part of the plot the entire time, that Stahl was a patsy. Stahl was the person Cooper was supposed to kill to save Griffith. With 10 seconds left and a gun pointed at Stahl and Griffith, the screen goes black and we hear a gunshot… end of the episode.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

He is a puppet; there has to be a master.


I know what love is, nobility, and integrity. You want to test someone? To see how far they will go. Then shoot me!