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The episode opened with two men sitting in an interview setting, and as one man explained where a compulsion came from, we switched to two young men walking out of a club where the man who started talking follows one of the men and beats him with a bat.

Cooper and his team are called in when it turned out that the killer had beaten two other men as well that night. The team began to profile the unsub and found that he was targeting young men. The unsub went to his work and asked his boss for more hours, after his boss said he could not give him more hours he eventually fired him. 

The unsub began feeling remorse after killing his fourth victim. Cooper convinced the mother of the fourth victim to help them and it worked in getting the killer to call into a hot line. Just as Cooper and his team think they have nailed down the behavior profile, the unsub changes victim types. 

The team figured out that the unsub was a man named Leonard Keane and that Keane son was convicted of killing 5 people and died in prison. Afterward, Keane’s wife had a nervous breakdown and the father of one of the victims has been harassing him for the last four years. 

Cooper and the team think that the father that has been doing the harassing is Keane’s next target. Cooper and his team arrive just behind the cops to the house where Nolan (the father) and Keane are in a standoff with Nolan having a gun on Keane. Cooper convinced Nolan to not shoot Keane, and Keane was arrested.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Evolution is a mighty big idea for four hours' worth of carnage.


A postmortem examination made you want to call me; I find myself firmly planted betwixed, touched and skeeved out.