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The BAU is called to investigate the disappearance of Jack Westbrook, a Boston defense attorney, after he is kidnapped by two young men.

After throwing Jack into a pit in an abandoned building, they force him to remove his clothing, and then confess to something.  The two men have differing intentions.  Chad Griffith wants Jack to confess, after which he plans to kill him. His companion, Andrew Ford, wants Jack to confess, but then wants to turn him over to the police.

Reid and Morgan discover that Jack had arrived home late each night, citing paperkwork, but his boss says that he never logged overtime and was usually done by 6:00 p.m.

Garcia discovers that he had been paying rent on an apartment.

At first, the BAU concludes he had been keeping a mistress on the side, but when they invade his apartment they discover pinball machines and video games. Kate finds pictures of young boys.

JJ reveals to Linda, Jack's wife, that Jack is a pedophile.

It turns out that the young men who abducted him were two of his many victims.

When Jack refuses to confess to the abuse on camera, Chad and Andrew bring in another of his victims, Brian Stiller.

When Chad points a gun at Jack, Andrew struggles with him. Chad falls into the pit and dies.

Andrew tries to convince Jack once again to confess on camera. Jack refuses, so Andrew threatens to burn the building down with him in it.

He hands the gun to Brian, so that he can go get some gasoline.

Meanwhile, Garcia discovers that Jack had worked closely with a volunteer organization called Sudworth Place - which operated as a halfway house for troubled boys. He had been grooming his victims from that organization.

She then discovers that the names of three of his victims - the three men who are holding Jack hostage.

Upon breaking into Brian's place, the BAU discovers that he too is a pedophile.

Jack convinces Brian to free him from the pit, and then tells him that he knows his secret, and that they have to work together. He promises to handle the police, but says that he must kill Andrew in order to keep everything hushed up.

Andrew arrives back at the abandoned building with gasoline, only to find that Brian has shot Jack dead. Together they roll his body back into the pit, cover everything with gasoline and light it all on fire.

Garcia finds the address to the building, and sends the BAU team to it.

Just as they arrive, Andrew and Brian exit the building. Andrew raises his gun, and he and the BAU are at a standoff.

Morgan convinces Andrew to lower his gun, after revealing that he too was abused as a child. The BAU takes them into custody, while JJ arrests Brian for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Kate's niece Meg Callahan is alone with her friend doing homework, when they are contacted by an internet predator who convinces them to take a clothed picture of themselves to send to him.


Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 8 Quotes

Brian: What's going to happen to Andrew?
Jack: I think you know what needs to be done. You take care of him, I'll go deal with the cops.
Brian: Wait, you said we'd go together.
Jack: Just let me deal with them. Trust me. You go home, and you get rid of those keepsakes. Make sure there are no loose ends.
Brian: What's that supposed to mean?
Jack: Hey. Come on. You thought I didn't know? I've always known you and I were alike, even when you were a little boy. I saw that sparkle in your eye. It's okay - your secret is safe with me.

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