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As Meg and Markayla are being abducted by a woman named Paige (who had told them she was "Bobby"s mother), Meg manages to send out a text containing one half of a panic code word to Kate before her phone is taken away. Their kidnapper knocks them out.

Kate receives Meg's text. She tries to call her but the call goes straight to voicemail. 

Kate calls Markayla's mother to see if she can contact her daughter. She does so as well but the call goes straight to voicemail.

The BAU is on high alert as they begin to hunt down the kidnappers.

Garcia scans both girls' computers, but finds that all history has been wiped clean.

Morgan and Reid interview one of the girls' friends, who confirms that the guy they were both infatuated with is someone named "Bobby".

The boy gives them a picture of "Bobby" – which Kate recognizes as a picture used by an Unsub who was targeting young women and abducting them.

Kate theorizes that the abductor has kidnapped the girls as a means of getting back at her.

The kidnappers deliver the girls to a trafficker but Markayla breaks free and runs away. She watches from her hiding place as the trafficker shoots and kills the kidnapper in anger.

Markayla manages to flee to a house where she receives assistance, is taken to the hospital and is reunited with her mother.

Markayla describes the kidnappers and trafficker to Hotch and Kate. She tells them that Meg had come up with a plan to get into their captors' heads, and to not show fear.

The trafficker dyes and cuts Meg's hair in order to change her appearance. He tells her that Markayla is dead.

The team discovers that the traffickers are selling their victims to serial killers.

One of the sociopaths goes online to bid for Meg. He wins the auction after bidding $29,000

Meg appeals to Paige to help her but instead is handed over to the killer who won her in the auction.

Garcia locates a convicted sex offender named Miles Hendrick. The BAU busts into his home and arrest him.

Hendrick gives up his login name and password for the trafficking website.

Garcia logs in and finds the entry that shows Meg has been sold. She traces the trafficker's IP address and identifies him as a man named Alex Zorgen.

Morgan, Reid and Hotch break into Zorgen's home. He tries to flee but Morgan tackles him. Zorgen tells them to tell Kate that Meg is long gone.

Meg struggles in the trunk of the killer's car. She busts out one of the car's tail lights.

Reid and Hotch interrogate Zorgen who tells them he only took Meg because he couldn't get to Kate.

JJ tells Reid and Hotch that Paige's real name is Donna Mangold, and that she was abducted 22 years ago. Rossi surmises that she is trauma-bonded to Zorgen.

JJ interrogates Paige and shows her a picture of the kidnapper. She tells her that he's dead, and that Zorgen killed her. She reveals that the kidnapper - named Kyle - was actually the son of herself and Zorgen.

Paige tells JJ she can contact the killer online.

JJ, Morgan and Rossi break into the killer's hideaway just as he's making a choice on what knives to use on Meg.

Meg tells the killer she likes to break dolls apart, that she enjoys doing it. Her words destroy the killer's concentration and thrill, and he tells her to stop. She kicks him in the crotch and then begins screaming for help.

The BAU hear her and rush to her rescue. They shoot and kill her attacker.

Using the information from the auction website, the FBI raids several homes, capturing and arresting many participants and rescuing many women and girls.

Meg is reunited with Kate and Chris.

Kate tells Hotch she wants to take a year off to take care of her baby.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 23 Quotes

Kate: You know, a few weeks before my sister died, we went to Virginia Beach for her birthday, just the two of us. We were laying there and I asked her what she was thinking. And she said "you know, Kate, if anything ever happens to me or Joe, just promise me that you'll take care of my little girl." And you know, of course I said I would. You know...nothing was going to happen to her. She was 24. And just like that, it did.
Hotch: You're a great mom.
Kate: Yeah, I took a year off when I got Meg and it was the best year of my life. And so, I think I want to do that for this one too.
Hotch: You'll always have a place here.
Kate: Thank you.

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