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The BAU is called to investigate the deaths of two women, both of whom died of asphyxiation and were left wrapped up in their homes. One was wrapped in a rug and the other in her sheets.

The Unsub, posing as a police detective, claiming to investigate a home invasion, knocks on a woman's door. He asks if he can interview her in case she saw something he can use.

He asks for a glass of water. She goes to get it, and he attacks her, choking her to unconsciousness.

Hotch and JJ view camera footage from the location of his latest murder, and watch the Unsub boldly walk up to his victim's door. They figure out he's posing as an FBI agent.

The Unsub approaches another woman's home and asks to come inside.

JJ and Rossi accompany an FBI detective into a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) room.

JJ asks Garcia to cross-check the movements of all male FBI agents in the area for the times of the murders.

The Unsub murders another woman.

JJ, Reid and Morgan interview one of the latest victim's neighbours, who saw the Unsub. She tells them the Unsub was buttoning up his coat and straightening his tie as he left her home. She also mentions that he had a spider-web tattoo on his neck.

Garcia discovers that prior to each of the murders, a violent crime was committed in the same neighborhood, involving homicide or rape of a female. This happened hours before each of the victims was suffocated.

Rossi theorizes that the Unsub is targeting women based upon the fear generated by a local violent crime. He capitalizes on their desire for safety by posing as an FBI agent investigating the crimes. He believes the Unsub is listening in on police radios.

The BAU decides to lure the Unsub to a false crime scene.

The Unsub picks up the police call, and he makes his way to the neighborhood.

The Unsub approaches a house, and an LAPD detective approaches him, asking for his credentials. The Unsub pulls out his gun and shoots the detective, then takes off in his car.

The detective is okay. The Unsub shot him in his Kevlar vest. He tells them he managed to get a shot off at the Unsub, wounding him.

The detective tells Rossi he saw a baseball cap in the back window. He describes the symbols on the cap. Rossi identifies the symbol as belonging to a defunct firing range at Quantico. The symbol was last used in 1998.

Garcia tells the team that one of the retired agents who were part of that camp is missing.

Reid and JJ go to the missing agent's house. They find him shot to death.

Reid believes the Unsub stole the dead agent's credentials.

Garcia says the dead agent was a volunteer with an organization called "New Start" - which was set up to help recently released inmates transition to society.

She uncovers one of the program participants, who meets the description of the Unsub. It's him. His name is Andrew Meeks. Garcia provides the team with his address.

The wounded Unsub gets into his car and drives. He stops at a checkpoint, where he is spotted by a police officer who recognizes him from the APB.

He gets out of his car and begins to flee. He pulls a woman out of her car, grabs her around the neck and points a gun at her head, telling the police to back off or he'll kill her.

Garcia uncovers Meek's psychiatric record which shows he had been abused and humiliated by his father.

JJ talks to him, trying to get him to drop the gun. He pushes the woman away and begins firing at JJ.  Reid fires back, killing him.

After the case is over, Morgan gets some groceries on his way home. He calls Savannah while walking out to the car and a man bumps into him.

As he's talking on the phone, Morgan starts getting dizzy. Another man bumps into him and tells him to watch where he's going.

A few other men began to surround him. One of them pulls out the device that was used to drug him.  One of them says "it's taking too long. Are you sure you got him?"

As he collapses, he tells Savannah to call Hotch. The men grab him. One of them punches him and throws him to the ground. The rest begin beating him.

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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 15 Quotes

You see what power is; holding someone else's fear in your hand, and showing it to them - Amy Tan


The darkness always lies - Anthony Liccione