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Morgan is abducted and brought to a remote farm house. The gang constructs a type of cross and attaches him to it. They put electrodes on his chest to monitor his vitals.

Morgan disassociates from the pain of his beatings by imagining himself coming home to Savannah and his two kids. Suddenly he sees his dead father Hank sitting in his kitchen, smiling at him.

The lead thug begins to beat him with a metal rod.

The thug applies white phosphorus to Morgan's chest.

Morgan's phantom father helps him thing through his situation, to try and find out what's actually going on. He thinks back to a date in 1985.

In his mind, Morgan is ten years old again, riding with Hank in his cop car. Morgan sees a man trying to steal a woman's purse. Hank stops the car and gets out. The mugger shoots him dead

The thug applies heat to the white phosphorus on Morgan's chest to ignite it.

Morgan's heart rate goes back to normal. The leader tells his men to cut him loose so they can remove his clothes.

Morgan pretends to be nearly unconscious. He falls to his knees and waits until they remove his restraints.

He grabs one of the men in a headlock and takes his gun, shooting some of the gang.

He escapes into the bathroom and closes the door. Two of the men shoot through the door.

They open the door and Morgan jumps out and shoots them dead.

He wanders back into the room and finally collapses.

JJ and Garcia take Savannah back to her house so Garcia can explore their home network.

Garcia discovers an intranet aspect to their hacked router, which leads to the CIA's network.

Morgan wakes up in severe pain. He goes over to the leader of the group who is still alive but wounded. He tells him they're all isolated.

Morgan finds a chemical in one of the cupboards, and uses it to counteract the white phosphorus.

Morgan escapes the pain again by talking to Hank. He tells him about the man who abused him when he was fifteen years old.

JJ reveals that the men who took Morgan are a freelance special ops team, and are enemies. They are mostly foreign, and a few domestic. They've figured out how to piggyback on existing infrastructure to hide their tracks.  They're definitely not CIA.

JJ's CIA contact has identified the group as a known squad who "disappear" people for profit.

Morgan wakes up to hear the leader talking on his satellite phone, demanding an exfil.

Morgan attempts to grab the phone but the leader takes out the card and swallows it.

He kills the man, opens up his gut and retrieves the card.

He puts the card in the phone, but finds it needs a password.

Morgan activates the phone by calling the gang's cleanup crew, allowing Garcia to tag the signal.

The BAU locates his position and scramble their helicopters.

The cleanup crew man tells Morgan the BAU is only going to find his corpse, because he's closer and will get to him before they do.

Morgan figures out that Savannah wanted him home to tell him she was pregnant.

The cleaner arrives. Morgan tries to attack him with a knife, but the cleaner disarms him.

The cleaner stabs the knife into his hand. 

He's about to kill Morgan when Reid enters the room and shoots him dead.

They get Morgan into the ambulance but his heart stops. The EMT begins to work on him.

In his mind, Hank encourages him to live.

He recovers and wakes up in the hospital three days later to find Garcia and Savannah waiting by his bed.

Morgan asks Savannah to marry him. She says yes.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 16 Quotes

Morgan: Savannah, I'm sorry.
Savannah: For what?
Morgan: I was late for dinner.

Morgan: Do you know how much I love you? How much I appreciate everything that you do? Will you marry me?
Savannah: Yes. Yes.