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Three people are murdered at a diner in Las Vegas, New Mexico, after which the unsubs burn the place to the ground.

This mimics the same type of robbery/homicide that took place in that town six years ago.

The BAU determine there are two unsubs responsible, and that they are the same criminals who struck six years ago. They're using the same exact MO, which includes making the victims watch each other as they're raped and killed.

One of the unsubs visits his ex-girlfriend. He notices that she has a child and figures out that he's his son. His ex-girlfriend throws him out.

The other unsub robs a pharmacy and shoots himself up with drugs. He kills both the pharmacist and the pharmacist's niece.

After getting back to their hotel, the two unsubs argue over the pharmacy robbery.

Garcia identifies one of the unsubs as Lester Turner, and the other as William Duke Mason. They were cell mates in prison.

Rossi notices that Police Chief Raul Montoya is drinking on the job. He confronts him, and tells him to go home and dry up before coming back.

Hotch and Lewis interview Benjamin Wade, who also shared a cell with Turner and Mason. He tells them Lester is loyal though crazy.

Turner and Mason go to a gas station. The owner recognizes them from police reports and pulls a gun on them. One of them shoots the owner dead. 

Mason notices someone hiding. He finds a man and his son cowering in a corner. He raises his gun at them but doesn't shoot.

Later, Turner and Mason pull their motorcycles to the side of the road. They argue over the fact that the father and son weren't shot. They split up, with Mason heading back to his ex-girlfriend, named Tammy Vasquez.

Tammy arrives at her home and notices Mason's bike standing outside. Mason is inside playing with her son Cole. She threatens to call the police, and he pulls a gun and tells her to come in and sit down.

The police and BAU arrive at Tammy's home. Morgan hears muffled voices and breaks in. He finds a woman tied up. She tells them that Mason took Tammy and Cole.

Police Chief Montoya determines they're headed for an old campground. He offers to lead them there.

Tammy and Mason arrive at the camp and then argue. Turner arrives.

The BAU and police arrive at the camp. Turner decides he won't be taken alive. He takes a shot at the police and everyone begins shooting.

During the shootout, Chief Montoya shoots Turner and Mason dead.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 4 Quotes

Tammy: I loved you.
Mason: I loved you too.
Tammy: No you didn't, because you would have stopped. All you cared about was getting high.

Wade: Well you sure are some kind of tall drink of water, ain't ya? I usually don't even like your kind.
Hotch: Shut up.