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Three boys in Delaware get abducted while trying to solve the mystery of a disappearance of twins that happened 30 years before. Rossi explained that Hotch wasn't on special assignment. Instead Mr. Scratch has been stalking Hotch's son Jack, so Hotch and Jack have gone into witness protection and Hotch has resigned from the BAU. Prentiss was Hotch's choice as unit chief, but she's hesitant. The team sees similarities between the two disappearances despite the long period of time between them. Rossi checks in on how Garcia is handling the news about Hotch. The team meets Deeley Henson, the alcoholic surviving older brother of the twins who disappeared. They check Jimmy Ridley's house and find photos of the missing boys as well as Ridley hiding under a sink. Ridley said the boys didn't come inside his house, because he scared them away with a firecracker. Lewis talks with Prentiss, trying to assess her feelings about the job. Alvez and Reid talk with Deeley about his siblings' abduction. Someone has set up Reginald Clemons' old hunting traps in the woods. The grown-up Henson twins are alive and have taken the three boys to protect them. The BAU breaks into the old Clemons bomb shelter to rescue everyone. Deeley reunites with his siblings. Reid and J.J. talk with Prentiss about her decision, and she decides to stay. Garcia has a little celebration for everyone when they get back. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 6 Quotes

J.J.: That's a lot to process before my first cup. I can't believe he's been dealing with this for weeks and we never knew.
Reid: That part actually doesn't surprise me. He's always kept things to himself. It's just his way of protecting us.

Garcia: Does this mean we're never going to be able to talk to him again?
Rossi: We don't have a choice. It's not ideal, obviously, but as his friends, we've got to support his decision.