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It's a slow day, so Lewis asks to take the day off. Garcia profiles Lewis for Prentiss, and tells about Lewis's contentious relationship with her younger brother Gabriel. Garcia gets caught in a squad-wide experiment: how long she could keep a private conservation private. They're trying to patch things up for their father's sake. A man comes into the coffee shop claiming to be Lewis's brother, and he knows a lot about her. Lewis takes him into custody. J.J. handles the interrogation, and the imposter has all the right answers. Her father Albert says that Gabriel has become a lobbyist for an online gaming advocacy. Lewis and Alvez discover that Mr. Scratch has kidnapped her actual brother. They're trying to figure out Scratch's message to Lewis and deprogram the imposter. They identify the imposter as Desmond Holt, who has dissociative disorder. Lewis and Alvez convince Holt to stay at the BAU, but he requires that Albert be present as well. Prentiss and J.J. find Bill and Allison Shines, the couple that created a restraint chair for Scratch. Holt tells about how Albert was drinking and playing with firearms after their mother's death, which is why Gabriel didn't use his full college scholarship. The numbers on the photos of Gabriel led to a Bible verse, about the prodigal son. Lewis admits to Desmond that she was the prodigal, and breaks through his programming. He tells Lewis that Scratch is planning to kill Gabriel with Albert's gun. They rescue him, first from a false trap, then from a bigger one. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 7 Quotes

I have a badge and a very short fuse.


Reid [to Garcia]: It was an experiment. She wanted to time how long you could keep a private conservation private, and you made it 12 hours.
Alvez: Damn. I had you down for six.
Garcia: You know what? I thought you were my friends, but you suck. You all suck, especially new guy, but then you always suck.
Reid: I had 14 hours. I think I win, right?
J.J.: Who had 11?
Prentiss: I did.