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JJ is called to a meeting with Assistant Director Linda Barnes, and she's afraid that she's going to be taken off the BAU. Venture capitalist Andrew Sirota is found killed, with a staff scrawled on the wall in his own blood. The unsub calls 911, saying his victims are the disease and he is the cure. Sirota's assistant remembered a threatening email The coroner's assistant finds a message in SIrota's throat. Garcia and Reid decode the message. Rossi said the manifesto is intended for the BAU. The next victim is Douglas Carmichael, an aerospace CEO. JJ asks Simmons about Barnes, who wants to meet with her, and he has nothing good to say. The latest message uses a different code. One theory is that the unsub has a beef against law enforcement. The unsub attempts to kill another victim, Judge Scott Tavares, but the man's girlfriend surprises him, and he runs off. Garcia found an earlier victim of the unsub. The first cryptogram sounds like it was written by a teenager. Reid said that Tavares is the unsub's actual target, and the unsub is probably Tavares's son Rafael. Rafael pursues and abducts his father's girlfriend Elena. JJ and SImmons find Elena's car with Rafael in the trunk, with Elena's blood on him. Rafael claims he struggled with a masked man. JJ and Simmons interrogate Rafael, trying to get him to tell them where Elena is. They find out too late. Barnes tells JJ that Prentiss is on immediate administrative review, and JJ is temporarily in charge of the BAU.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 13 Quotes

That is definitely not Klingon.

Coroner's assistant

"It is impossible to suffer without making someone pay for it; every complaint already contains revenge." -- Friedrich Nietzsche