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Alves visits with his former partner, Phil Brooks,  who is now in a wheelchair. In the new case, two women have been found drugged with their faces carved up in Austin, Texas. Simmons and Alves take one of the victims, Hannah Accord, through a detailed interview. The unsub is using venomous snakes to subdue the women. The unsub split the tongue of a third woman, Tricia Smoots. The unsub also had a split tongue. The unsub sees the women as deceptive serpents. Garcia supplies a list of local tattoo artists who specializes in tongue splitting and scarification. JJ and Simmons capture Ryan Kash, one such artist. All three victims were attacked outside properties handled by Laura Gutierrez. They decide the unsub is a woman  Ryan picked up Desi Gutierrez as a possible unsub.  Desi abducts her sister, Tina. Laura rushes off after getting a call from Tina. ‚ÄčThe BAU checks Laura's properties to find where Desi is hiding out. Desi has a collection of snakes. Laura arrives at Desi's lair. Desi places a snake on Tina. Laura admits to Desi she was a lousy mother. Alves tries to talk down Desi. Desi knocks over her snake case and escapes, but runs right into Matt. She comes at him with a scalpel, but he shoots her dead. Alves goes back to see Phil, and brings him his own puppy, to give him someone to live for. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

When there is pain, there are no words. All pain is the same -- Toni Morrison


Alves: When I get back, I'll buy you dinner.
Phil: You better. I've suffered too much in this life to have to eat your cooking.