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Trish Gaines, the wife of Police Chief Steve Gaines, gets hassled at a bar. Jim Mackenzie, Gaines' assistant chief, escorts her home. Later that night, she is the victim of a home invasion and attempted murder, with the unsub burying her. Rick Sturgess, the man who hassled her, is the primary suspect, but he denied he did it. The behavior of the unsub just didn't fit his M.O. Chief Gaines is the next suspect, as Trish has made several visits to the emergency room in recent years. He denies he injured his wife, but won't explain the ER visits. Assistant Chief Jim Mackenzie gets shot and killed. The entire town is involwaved in a drug epidemic. Trish is detoxing while in a coma. She is hooked on oxycodone. The chief is supplying her from his prescription. Reid talks with Dana about her feelings toward her mother. One of Trish's friends, Kat, is avoiding JJ's calls. Mackenzie had suspected a woman named Shelly. The wife of the town's doctor is MIchelle Gorman. Trish wakes up, but she's largely rambling incoherently. Trish had called a helpline the night she went to the bar, because she was afraid she might relapse. The team discovers Shelly is behind most of the helplines in town. Her sister is Trish's friend Kat, who is also strung out. The Gormans are the guardians for Kat's daughter, Justine. Shelly gives Kat pills so that she can kill herself. The BAU arrest Shelley and arrive just in time to save Kat from overdosing.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 11 Quotes

JJ: Whoever did this will be brought to justice.
Chief Gaines: You'd better get to him before I do.

'My dark secrets are life threatening. Pockets of unhappiness set in aspic that build and build.' -- Sue Townsend