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Prentiss has been re-assigned to OPR, the FBI version of internal affairs. Barnes keeps turning down cases the BAU suggests. Garcia's replacement Ned is incompetent. Garcia isn't fitting in at Cybercrimes. Then she finds photos of captive and dead women in a Dropbox. Lewis is therapist to a Scully-and-Mulder-like pair of partners. . Garcia brings those photos to her boss, who has no interest. She sends them to JJ, but Barnes says the photos are fake. Reid is teaching disinterested students, while Rossi is working on a movie version of one of his books. Prentiss gathers everyone to secretly investigate the case Garcia found. The unsub throws a body into an incinerator, then pulls his next victim out of a trunk. Rossi and Simmons interview Adam Jeffries, the owner of the Dropbox where Garcia found the photos. JJ and Alves find the hotel where the before photos were taken, and the clerk identifies them as escorts. Rossi and Prentiss figure out the women are being held in a wine cellar. Garcia said the second woman has been killed, and a third before photo has been posted, of Jessica Mayhew. Also Garcia found a potential earlier victim, Tracy Ferguson, but Barnes was the investigating officer of that case, the file of which was sealed. JJ approaches Barnes about getting the case unsealed, but Barnes fires her. Garcia accesses the crime scene photos, which helps her to find the name of the unsub, Kevin Peck. Rossi and Prentiss go to Peck's mansion, but he's gone. So they send Alvez and Simmons to the Montclair Hotel, where Ferguson died, to save Jessica. Her father, the senator, tells Barnes that she shouldn't shut down the BAU. He tells Prentiss she has full authority to restaff the BAU as she sees fit. 

Criminal Minds
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