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A series of homicidal drownings are committed in backyard pools in Pamona, Calif. It's watery deaths in an area plagued by drought. At the same time, long-dead bodies are popping up in a nearby manmade lake. The disfigured unsub, Jess Carney, is very organized, but grabs worthless shiny objects as souvenirs. Carney's trigger is the bodies in the lake, and he's haunted by them in his dreams. He's inspired by pirate lore. The BAU arrests Casey Peters, who was one of those forced out when the lake was created, trying to figure out his connection to the case. Turner came back to find his son Leland, who enjoyed pirate fantasies. Leland was best friends with Carney, and they took a blood oath to defend their treasure. Leland drowned guarding his treasure when the water was released to form the lake, while Carney stayed home. Garcia connects Leland to Carney. Carney is now fixated on local boy Timmy Kane, intent on bringing him to join Leland. Timmy's parents report him missing. Simmons finds Carney attaching a cement block to Timmy. When SImmons confronts him, he throws Timmy into the water. Simmons dives in to save him while Carney escapes by boat. He has gone to join Leland. Prentiss breaks it to Peters that Leland is dead, then turns him over to a Treasury agent. It starts raining as the team is about to leave town. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 10 Quotes

You want to hear my idea about closure? Let the dead rest in peace.

Sheriff Clifford [to Rossi]

If this is arrested development, something arrested it.