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A man walks into a home in Plymouth, N.H., killing a couple and kidnapping their daughter Ruby. Reid is getting ready for a teaching sabbatical. Prentiss has put in the paperwork to move Alvez back to SSA status. Garcia spills the beans about Rossi's buying an engagement ring for Krystall while Krystall is standing behind her. Before he can propose, the BAU gets called in on the Plymouth case. The mother was a compulsive shopper. Ruby wanders into a cafe, dropped off by the unsub, telling Jayne the owner that she's Ruby's mother now. The unsub shoots another couple and abducts their daughter Naomi. The unsub thinks he's saving these children. Lewis uses Jayne's gingerbread cookies to awaken Ruby. Reid determines both girls were adopted. The BAU profile says the unsub gave up a child for adoption. Ruby said the unsub made her wear a dress. The second couple, the Shaws, were having marital problems. The unsub knows intimate details about the families, so the unsub is inside the adoption system. The news gets out about Ruby not staying with Jayne, which may put Naomi in jeopardy. The unsub's daughter Ashley died from a heart defect, and he blamed and killed the adoptive family. A  clerk recognizes Naomi when the unsub, Jordan Halloran, takes her into a convenience store, and the unsub kills him. Jordan, who creates "look books" for adoption agencies, is on the run with Naomi. He is going to start a new family with Ashley's birth mother, Becky Hughes. Jordan attacks Becky when she tells him Naomi isn't Ashley. Jordan starts shooting when the BAU arrives. Garcia runs a montage of Ashley on Becky's smart TV, and Jordan collapses. Rossi proposes to Krystall in the elevator. She accepts, and they exit into a BAU celebration.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 8 Quotes

When it comes to missing kids, the first 24 hours are the only 24 hours.


Oh, that cat's so far out of the bag.

Rossi [to Garcia]