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After a traffic accident, one driver shoots the other driver. It's the second day in a row he's done this. Both vehicles were stolen. Krystall sends Rossi along, even though they're in the midst of final wedding preparations. He carjacks another car, leaving the owner alive. A witness says the shooter was reluctant. Garcia finds out the two victims had talked by phone weeks before. The unsub, Mark Zabel, is tracked by GPS and surrounded by police. He says his wife Lindsay is being held captive and he's being made to do the killings. Then he's shot down by LAPD, and his wife is found dead. The puppet master is Casey Allen Pinker, who one of the victims prosecuted for playing Truth or Dare in traffic. He's making those involved in that case kill others involved. His next forced shooter is Judge Hamilton, who sentenced him, and he's taken her daughter Candice. JJ and Reid cut off the judge's vehicle, and they chase them into a pawn shop. JJ and Reid put their guns down after Casey makes the judge point a gun at them and he holds the manager at gunpoint. He tries to get her to shoot one of the agents, but she won't. JJ volunteers to be his shooter instead. Reid reaches for a piece of glass to cut his bonds. JJ choose "Truth." He wants her to say something she's afraid to say or he kills Reid. She tells Reid she has always loved him. Reid frees his hands and shoots Casey with his ankle gun. Portia gives Krystall a honeymoon on the French Riviera. Johnny Mathis is Rossi's best man. Rossi and Krystall marry. Prentiss gives the toast. Simmons finds out Kristy is pregnant. Rossi and Krystall slow dance to Mathis's "Chances Are." JJ and Reid clear the air. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 15 Quotes

I'm a better liar than you thought.

JJ [to Reid]

We are still playing poker, right?

Prentiss [to JJ]