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Reid is hallucinating figures from the past because of intracranial hemorrhaging. Rossi enjoys a quiet breakfast with Krystall after a good night's sleep. He tells her that he can retire now that Lynch is dead. DNA results prove that Everett Lynch survived the blast, with his private eye taking his place among the dead. Rossi says that Lynch will come after the BAU and their loved ones. J.J. and Garcia find Spencer unconcious on the floor. Reid starts seizing. Maeve serves as Spencer's spirit guide. They visit Gideon's grave. Lynch kills the agent outside of Rossi's home and takes his place. Diana comes to the hospital. Maeve tells Spencer he's frozen in grief. Krystall recognizes Lynch but he stops her from calling Rossi. Reid starts seizing again. Spencer chooses to go back to reality. Rossi calls Krystall and reaches her and Lynch in a car. Rossi knows what Lynch wants. Reid wakes up and starts talking. Rossi arranges for the BAU jet for Lynch, who is a pilot. Rossi exchanges himself for Krystall as Lynch's hostage. Rossi picks his cuffs. He grabs a hidden gun but gets shot, then stumbles off the plane. He was wearing a second bulletproof vest. The team fires at the plane's fuel tank, then J.J. lights up the plane with a flare gun. A month later is at a party at Rossi's house. He's decided not to retire. But the party is for Garcia, who is taking a job with a nearby non-profit group. Prentiss is staying but is looking to buy a place in Colorado with Mendoza. Alvez asks Garcia out to dinner and she accepts. Garcia tries to sneak away early from work but gets caught. So they have a tea party. The team leaves on a case and Garcia turns out the lights.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 10 Quotes

Six agents blown to pieces. Damn. You're going to need a bigger boat.

Foyet [to Reid]

This is a journey. ... What you see is up to you.

Strauss [to Reid]