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The unsub approaches a prostitute then offers to take her away for a fresh start. She turns him down. He kills her and buries her in the woods. Prentiss is on the short list to become Director of the FBI. J.J. has been offered a job at the New Orleans field office. The BAU receives a case of an unsub who is mutilating bodies in Beaumont, Texas. He is targeting affluent men and prostitutes. Two more bodies are found while they are en route. The unsub dropped off a package, including a cassette, at the police station. The women were buried in a ceremonial matter while the men were discarded. The unsub confronts the car salesman he claims is his father then abducts him after being rebuffed. Garcia tells Alvez, Simmons, and Lewis about J.J.'s job offer. The unsub accosts Becky, a female bartender who was nice to him. He wants her to leave work and come see the wedding tree he has created with the body parts. The bouncer tosses him out. Garcia digs up the unsub's mother's name, Lydia Parris, who had died recently of cirrhosis. The unsub abducts Becky and shows her the tree, which is on land owned by his father's family. Garcia identifies the unsub's father, who died five years ago. The unsub is holding Becky on his father's ancestral ranch. The BAU arrives. Rossi shoots and kills him. Prentiss tells J.J. she would be her choice for BAU chief should Emily move on to another position. Lewis is trying to make sense of the unsub's tapes. Rossi admits to Simmons that he may be suffering from PTSD because of Everett Lynch, "The Chameleon." Lynch has found a new mark. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 8 Quotes

I forget we invited the fun police. Ignore [Reid].


Deputy Director Barbour: You've got that deer-in-the-headlights look, Agent Prentiss.
Prentiss: It's a lot to consider.