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The BAU team hunts a couple on a killing spree. Sydney and Ray shoot up everyone in a convenience store.

Right after getting married, they set a gas station on fire.

Sydney and Ray watch the news, drinking and celebrating.

Prentiss and Reid visit the morgue, and he notes the unsubs are becoming more and more confident.

A man finds Sydney alone in the car; Ray is in an AA meeting. The man focuses on Sydney’s candy ring, while Ray talks about his father’s abuse.

Sydney offers the man a taste for $20, and he pins her to a wall.

Meanwhile in the meeting, Ray says he’s up to step 7, and the leader tells him to let his past go. Ray shoots him. Sydney enters and opens fire.

The BAU wonders if an AA meeting is how they met.

Sydney says they need to find closure. They arrive at Ray’s house. When his father opens the door, Ray draws his gun and pushes him inside.

Ray tells his father to take the ninth step. Each time he denies touching him, Ray pulls the trigger; there’s a bullet loaded and an empty chamber clicks.

However, Sydney shoots his father because he wouldn’t.

Sydney apologizes and tells him to take his frustrations out on her and hit her. Ray grabs her throat and pushes her against a tree.

Morgan and Prentiss are at the latest crime scene when Sean McAllister texts her, “We need to talk.”

Garcia tells the BAU about Sydney and discover she and Ray’s ex have the same vices. They think they’re after Sydney’s father next.

Sydney and Ray enter her father’s convenience store. She brings up the 9th step and tells him to touch her. She knocks him down.

Ray hits him as Sydney cheers him on, but his daughter interrupts them. Ray takes him into the back, while Sydney stays with the girl.

Just as they’re leaving with the girl, Morgan and Prentiss pull up and gunfire ensues. Sydney gets shot and Ray pulls her back in.

The girl tells them there’s no alcohol in the store, and Ray sends her to get water. Hotch calls, and Ray is upset because Sydney was shot.

He wants to talk to Morgan and says she doesn’t need a hospital. He wants a car, tickets to Aruba, gauze and alcohol.

Sydney sits in Ray’s arms and tells the girl they’re not going to hurt her. He doesn’t want her talking to her.

Morgan enters with the supplies and Ray holds the gun to the girl. Sydney takes the alcohol as Ray uncovers her wound.

Morgan tells him Amy was killed and didn’t OD. He says someone gave her heroin (one of Sydney’s vices, apparently not Amy's).

He says Sydney gave it to her. When Ray asks, she deflects.

Morgan tells him she’ll use sex to distract him.

She says she wouldn’t kill Amy and says they should have sex in front of them. Ray sends the girl to the door and lays Sydney down, kissing her.

Then he chokes her to death.

Emily meets Sean and he tells her Ian Doyle vanished from prison. He’s off the grid.

Emily asks if he’s headed there and if she’s in danger. Sean says they all are.

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