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The episode opened with two families suffering home invasions while Prentiss met some old contacts on the subway. The two families were killed and the house burned at the same time.

Rossi and the team began looking into the deaths of both families as the coincidence of the fires and deaths raised the red flag. The team follows the clues to a man named Delaney. Prentiss and Morgan went to Delaney’s house and as they pulled up they are met by four men with automatic weapons. The men shoot at Prentiss and Morgan who eventually manage to hit one of the men. As the wounded man turned to join his partners in the van, one of the men shot him twice in the head and once in the tattoo on his wrist.

Rossi and the team managed to reconstruct the tattoo and Garcia found that a company called CWS was the link behind all three of the deaths. The entire team met with officials from CWS where they found that the tattoo was known for a group called Valhalla run by a man named Ian Doyle.

As the BAU continued to chase Doyle, Prentiss continued to try hide her past from the team. Prentiss found out that her former contacts were keeping information from her she warned her friend Tsia to get out.  Tsia went to the safe house where Doyle killed her. Prentiss and Morgan went to the crime scene where Prentiss got sick seeing her friend shot in the head. She went home and flushed a necklace while Doyle was watching her from down the block without her knowledge.

As Hotch gave a briefing at the office Prentiss looked around at her friends and coworkers and then walked out --- to be continued.

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Morgan: What happen, you pull a Whiskey Pete?
Prentiss: I don't know what that is; but, if it involves getting puke on your boots, then yeah.

Rossi: You know you haven't had a vacation in a while, weren't you talking about Italy?
Prentiss: My mother extended her trip there; it would not be much of a vacation.
Rossi: It's a big country
Prentiss: Not big enough.