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As Hotch decides whether he wants Strauss' job as Section Chief, the BAU hunts down an Unsub who's been abducting single blonde women in their late twenties, after which he rapes them, forces them to eat human remains, shoots them in the heart, and then poses their dead bodies in parks, in a praying position. The team discovers that the Unsub is practicing "projected cannibalism" with his victims, in an effort to punish his first victim, a girl who rejected him when they were in their teens. After the Unsub attempts to force women at a dining hall to eat more human remains, Morgan and JJ manage to capture him.  As the team heads home, Hotch gets a call:  they caught the wrong guy.  In fact, they caught the Unsub's twin.  (First of two parts)

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Hotch: Yes, they did talk to me about the Section Chief job.
Reid: Do you want it?
Hotch: I know what I don't want is an outsider coming in and questioning every move that this team makes. I told them that I'd think about it.

This doesn't taste right.