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Meg pays $25 million in ransom to get Amber back, but she's given another task instead. She calls her sister to tell her about the ransom and gives her the proof of life photo for the kidnapper. Gibson tells her that he's not done with her.

The Pakistani Ambassador is given a task to do in order to get his son back. Dunn and Finley show up in time to stop him. They complete the task and find a medical center in the Embassy with US Rangers in there. Finley recognizes the voice of an ambulance driver and shoots him. They save the Rangers from Gibson.

Turns out it's a CIA Black Site. Back at the FBI, Dunn's caught with Amber's picture after the FBI finds it with a student's tracker in it.

Gibson returns the Ambassador's son even though he lost the Rangers.

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Crisis Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

All our kids are with more than the $25 million. They wanted cash from me. Cash is from now. I just paid for whatever they're gonna do next.

Meg Fitch

Sorry you did it? Or sorry it didn't work out?

Meg Fitch I thought I could get her back. I thought if I did this she'd be back in my arms by now. I'm sorry. Dunn