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Henry chooses Cristela to be his Confirmation sponsor and she is thrilled. Unfortunately, things get a little hectic when she realizes that the Confirmation is on the same day as the walk-a-thon at work. 

Trent gets caught up in a PR nightmare when Maddie uploads a video that shows Trent in the background making an off-color joke to Cristela. Trent asks Cristela to accompany him to a press conference before the walk-a-thon, to prove he is not a racist. 

Cristela chooses to attend the press conference and when she tells her family, they seem okay with her decision. They explain that they're used to her not being around as much due to her work schedule. 

Cristela is unhappy her family sees her that way and she talks to Maddie about it, causing Maddie to realize how much her father wasn't around as much when she was younger due to his job. 

At the last minute, Cristela changes her mind and ditches the event for Henry's Confirmation and makes it just in time. She discovers that Henry has chosen Chris as his confirmation name, an obvious ode to her.

Meanwhile, Maddie helps Trent at the press conference and the two begin to mend their differences. 

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Hey, I got this. After the walk-a-thon, I'll go to church. You know, that's what I do. I work hard and I pray hard. Everything in my life is hard.


But this suit is so itchy! How does Ellen DeGeneres do it?