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With West Side Story in town, Cristela hopes to take Henry to see the show, as they are both big fans. After seeing how expensive tickets are, she is thrilled to learn that Maddie has box seats and she offers to take them.

When Cristela presents the idea to Daniela, she is thrilled. Unfortunately, Natalia and Felix aren't as excited. 

After Felix says Henry can't attend, Daniela decides she agrees with Felix. However, she does give Cristela some advice on how to get Felix to change his mind. The advice includes talking about his hair and things he is interested in, such as carpet. 

Cristela and Natalia discuss the situation and Natalia tells her that she didn't come to America for her kids to become snobs.  

After an attempt to convince Felix that Henry should attend the show is rebuffed, Cristela attends the play with Maddie. She is surprised to see Henry and Felix show up, as Felix changes his mind after listening to Cristela. 

Meanwhile at the office, Trent informs the team that he'd like to take pictures to put on the website and show the diversity of the firm. This involves Cristela and Maddie taking a series of pictures around the office. 

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh, it's the perfect show to start with. A show about Latinos, usually performed by people that are not Latinos.


Daniela: Well, I heard that high cholesterol is the number one killer of Latinos.
Natalia: Well, I know a couple of cartels that would disagree with you.