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Cristela is gung-ho about helping Izzie get into the gifted and talented program at school. Cristela didn't get into the program when she was in school and it haunts her to this day. 

When the test results come in, Cristela is disheartened to learn that Izzie did not pass. But Izzie shocks everyone by admitting she failed on purpose because she overheard her parents saying they were afraid Henry would feel bad if she got in since he had previously failed to do so. 

Cristela is very upset that Izzie didn't give her all and she goes to the advisor of the program and asks if Izzie can re-take the test. After coming up with a plan, Cristela tells everyone the good news but Natalia is not pleased. She believes Izzie does not belong in the group, just like Cristela didn't belong back then. She also admits to tearing up Cristela's acceptance letter the group. 

Cristela and Natalia argue but later Natalia comes around and even helps Izzie study for her makeup test. 

Maddie gets into a fender bender and she asks Trent for help, but he refuses. Instead, he tells her to get a job in the mail room. She doesn't make a good mail room attendant, until Josh tells her to organize the mail like she organizes her wardrobe. 


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Cristela Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Maddie: Mail's here! Come and get it! This job is pretty easy.
Josh: Yup! Nothing's that hard if your just willing to do it terribly.

Love your kids. Be proud of your kids. You know what my mother did? She fed us. Almost everyday.