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Daniela asks Cristela to help Henry train for the presidential fitness test. At their first workout, Henry lets it slip that Daniela really wants Cristela to train him so she's get herself in shape. 

When Cristela confronts Daniela, she explains that she's worried about Cristela's health, as high blood pressure runs in their family. After this talk, Cristela decides to start exercising again. 

Later, Daniela tricks Cristela into getting her blood pressure taken, which reveals that Daniela, not Cristela, is suffering from high blood pressure. As Cristela vows to stop exercising, Daniela lashes out and asks Cristela how she expects to find a husband looking the way she does. 

As the two continue to bicker, Cristela reveals that she wants more out of life than to be a mother and wife. Daniela is hurt by this, but after a little bribe, the sisters are able to come together again and see things from each other's point of view. 

At work, Josh takes a CPR training opportunity away from Cristela, prompting Maddie to teach him a lesson. She stages a fake CPR training, where she kisses Josh and then later pretends to be interested in him.

Josh is supremely uncomfortable, but after learning that it was a prank, he goes to Trent and gives up the CPR credit. 

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Cristela: You know, you may be the only person between someone's life and death.
Josh: I can only hope. Imagine how good the word hero would look on my resume.

Josh: I can do it, sir. I know CPR.
Cristela: You do?
Josh: Oh yeah, yeah. I was studying to be a paramedic before I realized I'd rather chase the ambulance.