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Veronica and Trent continue making plans to divorce and Trent asks Cristela to help him get Veronica to sign a pre-nup so she doesn't take half of what he's worth. Veronica catches on to Trent's plan and goes to see Cristela. While the two talk, it becomes clear that Veronica is trying to draw the divorce proceedings out and she eventually admits that she would like to stay married. Cristela then vows to get Trent and Veronica back together. 

When Cristela goes to Trent, he confirms that he would like to stay married as well. Cristela brings the two of them together and although they are hostile at first, they are both able to say nice things about one another. In the end they agree to stay married, but they will continue living apart and come together for booty calls. 

On date night, Daniela asks Felix to go to the bowling alley where they first met. Felix is hesitant, as the girl he dumped for Daniela still works there, but Daniela insists they go. At the bowling alley, Daniela makes Felix apologize to his ex, but she reveals that she was the one who dumped Felix.

Daniela is devastated, now believing that Felix settled for her. With Cristela's help, Daniela is able to forgive Felix and he buys them passes to go dancing.

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Felix: Cristela, what are you doing?
Cristela: Nothing. You know you've ruined marriage for me, because I'm not willing to settle for anything less than what you guys have.

Cristela, a good marriage is what's best for the people in it, ya know? If being together means always being apart, well then sometimes it's just nice knowing that there's someone out there that's connected to you. That you're not alone.