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With performance reviews looming, Cristela, Josh and Maddie are trying to impress Trent. He informs them that there will be a junior associate position opening up and that his client, the shark, will be stopping by. 

The shark turns out to be Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, whom Josh mistakes for the man sent to fix the refrigerator. Cristela makes a great impression on Mark, due to her extensive Mavericks knowledge. 

Josh's non appreciation for sports puts him on the outs with Trent. He begins to feel like he doesn't fit in and Cristela decides to help him get in Mark Cuban's good graces. 

With blue tooth in ear, Josh is fed basketball information from Cristela, which he relays to Mr. Cuban. All goes well until Cristela's phone dies. She is able to save him and even gets invited to sit courtside at the Mavericks games. 

On performance review day, Trent informs the trio that two of them are doing very well. 

At home, Cristela lends Daniela money to get Izzie a birthday gift. Izzie ends up getting an expensive bag that all her friends have, prompting Cristela to sit her down and tell her that she doesn't want her life to revolve around nice things. She would rather Izzie strive to be a better person.

In the end, Izzie gives up her bag to Cristela, who works hard and doesn't ask for much. 

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh, I know who he is. But I can't tell you. It's a secret. Like when I eat pizza and drink diet coke because I think they cancel each other out.


Well, win or lose, Cowboys always give you a reason to drink. That's why I love them.