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The events take place on July 15, 1993, 1994, and 1995.

In 1993, Kate is getting ready for a hunting trip with Rod and his daughter. His daughter is cold to Kate. In 1994, Kate is looking around her dining room and sees it has been redecorated. She has memories of being trapped.

In 1995, Kate, Joy, and Rod are meeting with the lawyers to talk about the lawsuit. Joy is mad at the lawsuit, but Kate wants to play it smart; she doesn't lie and wants to win. The lawyers tell Kate that her case hinges on her being factual and accurate about the events.

In 1994, Kate is doubtful of Jamie, but she goes to her first therapy session. Scenes are showing her taking down all her awards in her room.

In 1995, Kate is practice interrogated by her lawyers about the events. Kate stands her ground with how she saw Jeanette through the window. She is coy about how she was saved.

Kate and Mallory are smoking weed in the bathroom. Someone posts a message on Kate's front door with "Liar" on it.

In 1993, Kate wants to talk to Rod's daughter about something, but she brushes Kate off. At the campground, everyone is there for the shooting, including Derek, Martin, and the other teens. Joy invited Martin because of him returning Kate home after the drunken garden party.

In 1994, Kate bumps into Mallory in Sylvia's lobby. Mallory is in therapy because of her parent's divorce and the damage directed at her. Mallory and Kate introduce themselves; Mallory had gone to Kate's 3rd-grade birthday party. Kate confides in Mallory that she saw Jamie kissing Jeanette; Mallory apologizes for hating Kate in the past.

In 1995, Joy, Kate, and Mallory talk about who could've planted the note on Kate's door. Joy tells Kate that if they lose the lawsuit, Jeanette will get a huge payday that will ruin the Wallis family. She wants Kate to go to the hunting party.

Mallory and Kate tease Joy by saying they won't hunt or eat meat. Joy is going to depose her friends in the lawsuit to help Kate. In 1993, Martin is squeamish about the guns shooting at the hunting party.

In 1993, Kate tells Ashley about the rumors she felt about Rod and why she was wrong. Ashley rebuffs her and says they will never be sisters.

In 1994, Kate tells Sylvia that she remembers everything during her capture. A Scene is shown of Kate trying to escape Martin's basement, but he locked the door; he gives her food, but he traps her in the basement after she fights back.

Joy reveals that the police have a break in the case. They need both Kate and Joy at the police station.

In 1993, Kate bumps into Martin in the woods.

In 1995, Joy accuses Mallory of leaving the note on the door. Joy doesn't trust Mallory because she thinks Mallory is trying to make Kate dependent on her and their friendship.

In 1994, the police reveal that they don't have a case against Jeanette Turner. The fingerprint analysis on the necklace was inconclusive and her statement went against it. Kate is angry that she's the only one suffering any consequences.

Ashley tries to make amends with Kate, but Kate is mad at Ashley for all the years she was rejected.

In 1993, Kate and Martin were looking up at the stars and talking about the meaning of stars. Martin talks about some drama that happened in his family; it's revealed Martin's father committed suicide.

In 1994, Kate recounts the story to Ashley. Ashley wants to be a sister, but Kate rebuffs her again. Kate uses her computer to join a chatroom.

In 1993, Ab Stevenson covers up for Kate about the previous night. In 1995, Mallory tells Kate about Joy accusing her of creating the note. Kate tells a pointed ghost story during the firepit to throw some of the pain back on the parents for allowing Martin to be in their lives and eventually take Kate.

In 1995, Ashley is riding swings with Derek Turner. It's revealed that Ashley is "Claire from Physic's Class." Derek thinks Jeanette wouldn't lie; Ashley isn't sure about Kate since Kate is shutting her out.

Ashley is revealed to be "Berenice4," the anonymous person chatting with Kate in the chatroom. The pseudonym comes from Cleopatra's older sister, who was beheaded for taking risks and living a bold life.

In mid-1993, Kate wakes up to find supplies in Martin's basement. The windows have metal wires on them.

In 1995, Kate wants to relisten to her tapes about her time back then so that her story is refreshed and accurate. Mallory is unsure since it could be traumatic. Kate does it since she can only rely on her memory since Martin is dead and can't provide memories.

During one of the tapes, Kate talks about Martin coming down a few days before she was rescued and meeting "Annabelle." She can't remember who Annabelle was.

Cruel Summer
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Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Kate: Jeanette’s been preparing and building her case in secret for months.
Joy: Yeah, like a venomous snake!
Kate: She’s smart to do that. Sociopathic and no conscious or soul … but smart. Lucky for us, I’m smarter. And I don’t go hunting without arming up first. So, I am asking, how do I prepare?

Mallory: Can I confess something?
Kate: Sure.
Mallory: I used to really dislike you, like A LOT.
Kate: I don’t hear that very often.
Mallory: Yeah, I’m starting to get why.