Jeanette's Car - Cruel Summer
Watch Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 4
"You Don't Hunt, You Don't Eat"
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On Cruel Summer Season 1 Episode 4, Kate prepares for her defense in the lawsuit, and the annual Wallis hunting trip sparks the first important meeting in Kate's life.

Cruel Summer Quotes

Sylvia: [Via tape recording] Are you familiar with the concept of grooming?
Kate: Are you saying Martin befriended me because he planned to kidnap me?
Sylvia: On some level, yes.

Martin: You’re officially a missing person. The police are looking for you.
Kate: I can fix this. I’ll go home. I’ll tell them…
Martin: Tell them what? That you’ve been here almost 24 hours and I lied to your mother about it?
Kate: I don’t know. I told you I’m not a good liar. I need your help.