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The wifi of several planes spread around the country all malfunction at the same time. Avery and the team travel to Miami international, while 9 suspects are arrested around the country on suspicion of hijacking a plane. 

All of the passengers who were on the plane realized that their credit cards had been maxed out. 

Krumitz realizes that they are looking for a cyber criminal named Lomus. 

Simon is lectured by his Deputy Director for grounding flights from the airport. 

A woman is discovered in the airport waiting area. The team discovers ransomware on one of the victim's phones

Simon and the deputy director must talk to an angry senator about what information was stolen by her phone.

The team reviews video of the airport and discovers there was a team of three people that worked to hack a charging station in the airport. Avery, Krumitz and Mundo examine the content of the suspects bag in order to learn some information about their background. 

Elijah interrogates the hackers who are all afraid of what Lomus will do to them. 

Lomus began releases photos before the time was up. Meanwhile Krumitz discovers a way to track Lomus through his time stamp at the airport. 

Krumitz discovers that Willa is the hacker. However, Avery realizes that Krumitz broke the law in order to track Lomus down by doing an illegal search. 

CSI: Cyber
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CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Mr. Hart in my line of work just a kid doesn't mean anything.


Everything about you is unexpected.