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A food truck was blown up at a SOHO food festival, and its proprietor was killed in the blast. As the CSIs investigated they discovered the owner of the food truck had plenty of enemies from an ex-employer to a rival food vendor. The evidence uncovered at the blast revealed that the food truck was a front for a prostitution ring. A partial finger print led the to arrest of the bomber, who happened the be the son of the rival vendor.

Dr. Hawkes and Camille's relationship continued to grow. Dr. Hawkes let his budding relationship hinder some of his performance, but Mac let it slid with a friendly warning.

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CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Camille: I'm throwing a party and was wondering if you wanted to come by.
Hawkes: Babe, didn't we almost just die?
Camille: Why do you think I'm throwing a party?

Jo: So all this time we've been looking at food trucks we should have been focusing on fine dining.
Mac: Let's go see if murder is on the menu.