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Sid carefully examined and processed the body of a woman found murdered in Central Park. His unofficial opinion based solely on the preliminary examination was that she was scared to death, but her death was later revealed as suffocation brought on by a combination of nitrous oxide poisoning exacerbated by anti-depressants.  The CSI’s examined the crime scene and found only the footprints of the victim and the park workers that discovered her body.

After a review of the evidence Mac and the other CSIs went back to the park where the body had been discovered in, in an attempt to canvas for more evidence. While out in the dark park Lindsey imagines she sees the ghosts Dr. Hawkes had spoken about, but shook it off as a trick of the light. Mac saw someone digging in the park and gave chase, and another body was discovered in the park.

The body found buried in the park was older and was being dug up. It was discovered that the body belonged to Chief Carver’s sister. A lead was discovered, but before Mac could interview the only suspect she escaped leaving the case open, and a faint suspicion behind.

A sample of blood from a deceased criminal was found on the first victim’s dress, and a latent print was also discovered on the body. Jo Danville surmised that some of the bruising on the victim’s neck could have come from a mortuary, along with the dead man’s blood.

The print led the CSIs and Flack to a closed mortuary owned by a man, Gordon Sprouse ,who had inherited the business from his deceased parents.  Inside the mortuary nitrous tanks were discovered along with vintage clothing similar to those found on the victim.  Gordon was discovered in one of the body lockers.  He eventually confessed to having played with the victim, but he did not mean to kill her. He also admitted to playing with several other women in his mortuary, but letting them go after the nitrous wore off.

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CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Jo: We've got an appointment to go visit the dead.
Flack: Work related I hope.

This place is sooo creepy, but I guess funeral home? What else would it be?