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Nora Cross grills Gil about why he and Sara came back to the Crime Lab. Gil tells Maxine that he needs to start working cases that aren't connecting to the David Hodges case. She assigns him to a body that's dug up in the luau pit of a Hawaiian-themed hotel. Maxine's son Bryan gets arrested after pushing a cop while trying to break up a fight. Sara and Gil debate how best to handle the Hodges investigation. Hugo identifies the victim through a medical implant. He was JJ, the son of the hotel owner. None of the cases Hodges supposedly forged were signed off by Sara. Nora throws past evaluations back at Sara. A pool chemical in the luau pit points to a suspect. Pool worker Kai says JJ raped his girlfriend Rachel. Nora confronts Maxine about rehiring Gil and Sara but she pushes back. Gil sets up a lab in their hotel suite. Sara has a plan to get Nora to give them a look at her evidence. Allie says Rachel's rape kit didn't incriminate JJ. Allie finds a piece of the murder weapon inside JJ. Allie collects dozens of ceremonial weapons from the hotel but none match. Maxine gets community service for Bryan. The chip from the weapon implicates Rachel's sister Cynthia, who Allie had dismissed as a suspect earlier. Allie now remembers seeing Cynthia at the crime scene. Cynthia killed JJ with a bat wrapped with Rachel's necklace. She won't admit that Kai was her accomplice. Maxine informs Allie that she needs to get an outlet outside of work. Hotel owner Scott raped Rachel. His wife Lynn leaves him. Nora gives Gil access to the files Hodges is accused of falsifying. That enables Gil to identify the man behind the frameup. Allie screams underwater for her release.

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Sara: How are you feeling today?
Gil: Out to sea, which is where we should be.

Manager: A luau says everyone here is family.
Maxine: The body there sends a different message.