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Catherine tracks Mikel Koslov to Belarus. She blackmails him into returning to Vegas to talk with the district attorney. Mikel demands immunity for his testimony. But before Mikel can talk, he is poisoned. Mikel faked being poisoned so that he could escape. Grace's mother Jen blames herself for not reporting Grace's disappearance. Mikel turns up killed in a stashhouse. Mikel's nephew Anton was also killed. Anton was a forger. Beau finds flecks of gold on a napkin the killer used to clean up. Catherine discovers a business card for Rick Azia, the COO of the Eclipse, in Mikel's wallet. Beau unearths a gas station that the killer may have visited. Catherine locates Grace's body in a tank there. Mikel had hid her body there as leverage. The bullet in Grace is the same caliber as that in Mikel and Anton. Sonya finds a wad of paper in Grace's mouth. Mikel called Aziz multiple times. Aziz threatens to fire Jodi for divulging Mikel's whereabouts. Under questioning by Catherine and Allie, Aziz lawyers up. Grace's note is a drawing of a painting. It's a copy of an original Van Gogh painting that was in Anton's apartment, stolen from the Eclipse. The team studies the surveillance footage from the night Grace disappeared. Catherine determines that Grace stumbled onto a forgery in progress. Aziz and the casino were laundering mob money through the sale of forged art. Frank, the Eclipse's security chief, is the killer but he refuses to flip and lawyers up. Aziz fires Jodi. Catherine sees a chipped tortoise-shell compact in the box Jodi is taking. Jodi was behind the art scam. Catherine finds Jodi's DNA and Anton's paint on a drop cloth in the utility room off the casino's art gallery. Jodi called in Frank. Catherine tries to resign but can't.

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Lawyer: My client can't talk. Someone poisoned the man.
Catherine: He's talking ... today.

Hello, Mikel. Goodbye, ladies.