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This week’s part one of a two part episode opens with Ray Langston doing some detective work. He is speaking to people at convenient stores, medical college, and even coffee bars showing them pictures of Dr Jekyll’s victims. This is followed Sara Sidle and Greg Sanders at the scene of a female dead body that is identified as Heidi Custer by her ID. It appears that Heidi was struck on the head and then strangled. While looking in her purse, Sara finds pictures of all of Dr Jekyll victims.

Back at the lab Ray tell Catherine Willows that he knew Heidi and that she was a top notch reporter from New York he had worked with several years before. However, he had not seen her in years. As the team begins to investigate Heidi’s coming and goings it appears that she met with Ray the day she died.  Ray looks at the evidence and explains that she must have been following him as he had no idea she was there. Conrad Ecklie tells Ray he is too close to the case and that for the good of the case he was not going to be allowed to work it.

Ray leaves Catherine’s office but stops in the lab to look up some information where Nick Stokes finds him and explains that he needs to trust the team and let them handle it. Ray explains that he may have led Heidi to Dr Jekyll, to which Nick replies that her own actions might have lead to that. Ray begrudgingly agrees and heads out as he is next on call say he would get his notes for them.

Heidi’s husband Aaron Custer comes to identify the body he explains that Ray Langston was a killer and that he had actually helped the killer several years before that Heidi had been investigating. Catherine and Captain Brass explain thank him for the information but have not seen any evidence to suggest he was involved. Meanwhile, Greg and Sara report to a location where Heidi’s rental car was found and the only thing in it is one bloody thumbprint on the steering-wheel, a drop of blood from Heidi, and dirt where it had been off-road recently.

We then return to Ray who is on the way to a case when he decides to make a short stop at the convenient store he stopped at early to see if Heidi had followed him there. The girl had no idea if she had and as Ray leaves he is assaulted from behind and after a short skirmish it turns out to be Aaron Custer blaming him for his wife’s death. Aaron is arrested and Catherine sends Ray home because he can’t stay on his own task and is getting in deeper. Ray goes home and we find an office full of leads, connections, and notes all over the walls.

As he goes to tear a few down the door bell rings. The doorbell is Nick who comes in and explains about the car. As Nick looks around he notices a wall dedicated to Ray's family. Ray explains that is for his elusive and violent dad. Nick reminds him that they all have violent streaks and how they deal with it determines what kind of men they are.

As they are discussing this the doorbell rings again where Sara and Greg arrive with news that one of the items found in the car’s tires was bat guano and after a short conference they narrow it down to a place Ray had been several days before when the clerk at the coffee bar had offered him a “hot tip” which turned out to be completely bogus. Nick and the cops head back out there and find blood and a fingerprint belonging to Heidi.

Catherine then interviews the coffee clerk, he confesses he took her out there but insists that he had not killed her. Back at the Lab Archie and Nick have found that there is another person following Heidi and Ray at the casino where she had been following him the day she died and they believe it to be Dr Jekyll but they cannot get a good look at him. As Archie and Nick are discussing this Captain Brass calls to say they caught a kid trying to sell Heidi’s laptop and camera and it turns out to be the assistant at the coffee bar who confesses that saw the coffee clerk return and was trying to get money from Heidi when he “accidentally” strangled her and then dumped her body.

The team meet up at a casino bar to discuss why Dr Jekyll was following Heidi if her murder turned out to be a crime of convenience and theft. Ray then explains that he was not following her he must have been following him. Catherine says that she will get Captain Brass to put a protection detail on him. At that moment his phone rings and a voice from him past Nate Haskle (the serial killer Ray was working with on his first episode last year) says that he has information for him, that he knows who Dr Jekyll is.

... To Be Continued

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