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This week’s second part of the two part season finale opens with serial killer Nathan Haskell being brought to the police station. Once there he explains that he had something from Jekyll in his belongings that are locked up in evidence. When the team looks through his items they find a piece of bowtie pasta with a spaghetti bow tied on it.

In further talking to Haskell he explains that he met Jekyll ten years before at a restaurant. After some research the team is led to a closed down restaurant where they find pictures of three of the Jekyll victims on the wall confirming that Haskell is telling the truth.

Upon research of the restaurant, the team finds all the owners are dead under unusually circumstances. Ray returns to speak to Haskell bringing a list of employee names.  Haskell trades favors for a name from the list that turns out to be a dead end lead. At the same time Ray receives a package that is labeled as being from his father who has been dead for 10 years. Upon investigating the package they find more clues inside including a link to a “John Doe” that died months ago. It appears that this John Doe was intended to be one of Jekylls victims. Back at the restaurant Greg and Sara confirm that the kitchen area of the closed restaurant has had human blood.

Upon investigating the remaining items in the package to Ray the team determines that Jekyll is tipping them to how he is going to kill his next victim. This allows the team to narrow down their search to certain restaurants. Ray and Nick visit one restaurant and find the owner having pain consistent with the tip that Jekyll gave them. Catherine calls to say that the appendix recovered from Jekyll’s second victim is either from the father or son of Jekyll.

The owner’s son had just gone to the back and Nick sends the uniformed officer to the back to see where the owner’s son went and there is gun fire. Ray attempts to get the owner out of the restaurant as Nick heads to the back. The son comes out shooting a shotgun and Nick is hit and goes down, while Ray and the owner (the shooters father) hide behind some cover.  The son admits that he is Dr Jekyll and is doing all of this just to watch his father die a painful death.

Meanwhile, Haskell provokes the officer watching him so he has a reason to fall down as he falls down he breaks his glasses and palms a piece of from the frame. Back at the restaurant Ray is talking to Jekyll and after a few minutes Ray sees that Nick is only playing dead and is away and now has his gun. Ray then baits Jekyll out and Nick shoots him.

Nick and Dr Jekyll’s father both survive. Ray goes to visit Haskell in jail to tell him that the case is over; as he is leaving Haskell grabs him and stabs him repeatedly with the sharpened piece of his eye glasses and the show ends with Ray lying on the floor bleeding.

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