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In this week’s episode Nick and Greg work to find out how a legendary comic “Bernie Nash” dies in his locked dressing room. Tim Conaway guest stars as “Knuckles Pratt” long time partner of Nash and together they were “Knuckles and Nash”. Bernie’s death abruptly ends their reunion tour.

Meanwhile Ray, Catherine, and Sara are investigating why the body of a man was found with more than 120 bullet holes in him was dumped in an alley in gang territory. As David counts the holes in the body they find one of the man’s fingers inside one of the larger wounds and use it identify him as Kurtis Torse who is on the “10 most wanted list” for blowing up an abortion clinic and killing 27 people. This leads Catherine to interview his widow who has not seen Kurtis in 3 years. However Catherine eventually tracks down a man who had been harassing Mrs Torse and when he is told that Kurtis is dead he jumps for joy.

Nick and Greg, it is confirmed with Dr. Robbins that Bernie had higher than safe levels of Oxycodon in his system, higher than legal limit of alcohol blood count, and that he had actually drown. This throws Nick and Greg for a loop as the closest water was 12 feet away in the toilet. A red hair was also found in his mouth and Greg and Nick begin trying to match it to the staff that was allowed back stage with no luck.

Sara and Ray find that one of the bullets in Kurtis are only available at one store in Las Vegas, they investigate but find no signs that Kurtis was shot at that gun range. However given the number of holes they suspect he was shot at some gun range and eventually follow the residue on the tarp he was wrapped in to a private shooting range 50 miles outside of Las Vegas. After finding more remains of Kurtis on the range the owner confesses that he found the body but that he had not known Kurtis was there.  It seems Kurtis (on the run) had snuck onto the land to find a place to sleep and mistakenly choose a van that was in the shooting range. Ray explains that if he had called the cops instead of dumping the body he would be a hero, but as it was, he was a criminal too.

Nick and Greg get help from Hodges to find that the water that was in Bernie’s lungs actually had some rust in it. Upon search Bernie’s room they finally find that the ice machine has a drip that is causing rust to get on the ice. This leads them to consider that the hair might be from a toupee and match it to Knuckles. Brass confronts Knuckles and he admits he killed Bernie because “he had lost his funny, he would do the same for me” by putting ice in his mouth and letting it melt while he was knocked out on Oxycodon stolen from his wife Terpsie.

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