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Tonight’s episode opened with a young man running at night and getting tangled in a fence. Catherine and Ray are called out to the scene as the man was decapitated and his head stuck on one of the fence stakes.

The team begins to investigate the murder when they find he had a body wax and that led them to the hotel he was staying in. It appeared he was suppose to be in a wedding that very day and when Ray and Nick went to the room the wedding was in, all the people there were dressed as vampires.

The victim name Michael was living his life as a vampire, and was in Vegas to attend a convention of vampires and werewolves. He was supposed be marrying his fiancée Julie that very night. The team checked out his room and found it had been trashed. They also found a yellow contact in the room. The found the contact belonged to the leader of the Wolf crew, Kurt.

Kurt was arrested and on his truck they found that someone had thrown up Michael’s blood on the door. This led them to the leader of the Vampire Coven. Sara and Nick went back out to the crime scene as they figured out Michael was chased and wanted to find where it started.

They found the beginning of the chase along with a torn up photo and the axe murder weapon that killed Michael. Once they pieced the photo together they found that Michael had previously been in the wolf pack and had switched sides to become a vampire.

While testing the axe for blood Sara and Ray found an odd shape on the axe that turned out to be a ring pattern. Catherine and Ray confronted Julie, Michael’s fiancée as the ring pattern matched her engagement ring. She confessed that she helped kill Michael when she found out that he had become a vampire just to be close to her.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

Nick: Triple homicide at the Tangers.
Ray: Let's go hunt some monsters.

Sara: Did you know a twelve letter word for "across the woods" is "Transylvania?"
Nick: Grissom? Is that you?
Sara: Shut up.